Bixolon SRP-Q300 USB/ETH/WiFi Black Thermal Receipt Printer

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Bixolon's SRP-Q300 series is a groundbreaking printer and accessory range that is at the core of Bixolon's lineup.

Key features include:
  • Spill resistant (IP21)
  • 125mm x 125mm x 128mm dimesions - around 50% smaller than traditional printers!
  • Charge tablet from the printer's tablet charging port (for iPad & Android tablets).
  • Fast 220mm/sec print speed
  • Front feeding and paper replacement
Other variants in this range include B-Gate hub version (Cloud printing and peripheral hub feature) battery version that can print 600m of print on a single charge plus internal Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options or the economical SRP-QE300.

With so many options features and accessories the Q300 series can solve problems and create opportunities that other printers can't!


Brochure (BR_SRP-Q300.pdf, 1,025 Kb) [Download]

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