Citizen CBM-1000ii Series Thermal Label Printer

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CBM1000LP / CBM1000LR


IN Citizen CBM-1000ii Thermal docket printer fits perfectly in a wide variety of POS applications. It is widely accepted by government agencies, schools, general retail and hospitality. Combines high-speed, two-colour printing with a compact footprint and spill proof lid.

Main Features :

  • Two Colour Printing (with Special Paper)
  • Barcode Printing
  • Compatibility (ESC/POS)
  • Can be made compatible with iDP354x & CBM7xx Series Printers
  • NV Memory for Bit map Data Storage
  • Page mode printing
  • Designed for better dissipation of fluid spills.
  •  User-changeable interface
  • Flexible paper widths.(80mm & 58mm)



CITIZEN CBM-1000ii-Brochure (cbm1000ii_brochure.pdf, 71 Kb) [Download]

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