Citizen CBM-820 Slip Printer with Serial RS-232/ Dot Matrix Printing

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The Citizen CBM-820 is a High Speed Slip Printer for restaurant guest check printing and account printing applications with Easy loading and line finding features. It is fast and cost-effective and has the latest in drop-in paper loading technology, all in a compact and versatile design.

Main Features:
  • High Speed Dot Matrix Printing
  • Up to 3.1 LPS printing speed
  • Easy Loading
  • Flat bed Slip Printer
  • 3 ply Printing Capable
  • Compact Design
  • Multiple sensors (top-of-form, bottom-of-form)


CITIZEN CBM-820-Brochure (cbm820_brochure.pdf, 29 Kb) [Download]

Specifications (CBM820R.pdf, 129 Kb) [Download]