Edikio Access (Single-Sided, USB) Printer

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EDIKIO ACCESS - PRICE TAG SOLUTION : 1 Edikio Access printer (single-sided, USB) + 1 Edikio Software Lite Edition + 100 CR-80 black cards (PVC, matt) + 1 white ribbon (500 prints)

Edikio Access is an all-in-one solution to print great-looking price tags on plastic cards. It is ideal for printing monochrome, single-sided tags in low volumes.

Made for little-experienced users, Edikio Access includes everything needed to update and print price tags in a few minutes:

• The Edikio software dedicated for your activity and customizable to your store needs
• A very compact printer for a minimal footprint in your store
• Food contact compatible consumables:
- 100 black CR80 cards (credit-card format)
- White ribbon for up to 500 prints


Brochure (Edikio_Access_Datasheet.pdf, 756 Kb) [Download]

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