Honeywell IK8570 Price Checker & Interactive Kiosk Barcode Scanner

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The Image Kiosk 8570 are designed to give customers instant self-access to information they need. Offering a range of functionality including price checking, item information look-up, and loyalty program administration, Image Kiosks give you the ability to assist and communicate with your customers effectively and efficiently – all without requiring them to seek out an employee.

Main Features :
  • Small footprint, taking up minimum floor space
  • Customer-Safe Scanning Technology
  • High Performance Intel® XScale® processor
  • Fast and intuitive bar code reading of all linear and 2D bar codes
  • Finger-touch navigation
  • Integrated Magnetic Stripe Reader (IK8570 only)
  • Powerful integrated software tools for simplified configuration and application development


Honeywell IK8570-Brochure (ik8560_8570.pdf, 217 Kb) [Download]