HP RP9 I7 16GB 256GB SSD ERG STD 15.6P W10

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HP RP9 G1 - Model 9015 15.6 inch Retail System
Deliver a stylish and engaging experience to your customers with the modern, versatile HP RP9 G1 Retail System, an All-in-One that combines powerhouse performance with reliable engineering.

  • M7J38AV HP RP9 G1 Retail System Model 9015
  • M7E41AV Intel Core i7-6700 3.4G 8M 2133 4C CPU
  • M9W06AV 16GB DDR4-2133 SODIMM (1x16GB) RAM
  • M9W28AV 256GB M.2 SATA 3D SSD
  • M9W13AV HP RP9 Ergonomic Stand
  • G7D28AV ENERGY STAR Certified Label
  • M7J40AV HP RP9 Retail System w/ergo stand CKit
  • M7J40AV / ABG Australia - English localization
  • M9W49AV W10P6 64-bit OS
  • M9W49AV / ABG Australia - English localization
  • M9W37AV 3/3/3 AiO Warranty
  • M9W37AV / ABG Australia - English localization


Brochure (HP_RP9_Retail_System_Model_9015.pdf, 713 Kb) [Download]

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