Humanscale Cart T7 LCD ELC 0D LI

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HUMANSCALE T7 LCD Cart with Electric Lift, LiFe Battery, PC Gantry with UFEA and PC Gantry

Humanscale’s TouchPoint line of mobile technology carts addresses all of the technology challenges present in today’s healthcare environment. TouchPoint carts provide caregivers with a simple, comfortable and effortless way to bridge the gap between patient care and technology. Simply stated, TouchPoint carts enhance caregiver performance.

In a high-tech industry in which patients always come first, today’s caregivers require advanced solutions to facilitate their interactions with patients and to make the most of valuable technology investments. Specifically, caregivers need point-ofcare solutions that offer fluid maneuverability and near effortless height adjustability, which will ensure that they focus on their patients, not their work tools.

The TouchPoint series of mobile technology carts—specifically the T7—not only meets, but exceeds, the above requirements. In fact, the T7 is the most technologically advanced mobile technology cart on the market. Period.


Brochure (Humanscale_T7_V7_Accessories.pdf, 666 Kb) [Download]

Brochure (Humanscale_T7_Brochure.pdf, 3,146 Kb) [Download]