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The ICGManager enterprise software is the ideal solution that will help you to manage, order and control your business in a trustworthy and reliable way. It is the working tool that assures the integration of all departments (production, commercial, logistics, purchases, finances, invoicing, accounting, management...).
With ICGManager distances don't matter as you can centrally manage your different businesses with a single tool and in real time. ICGManager provides at any moment the information about the status of your business, controls documental traceability and guides you with taking your business decisions thanks to the analytical statistics that this solutions offers you for the enterprise management.
The Enterprise Resource Planning -ERP- offered by ICG through its enterprise management software ICGManager, guarantees that you manage the information of all areas of your business to expedite tasks, improve production processes and reduces costs. It contemplates modules for warehouse management, and stock control and auto-sales and presales management with hand terminals communicating through Wi-Fi or GPRS.
At ICG Software we understand you, and through our ERP we offer you the opportunity to take profit of the enterprise intelligence given by this solution.

Main features of ICGManager
  • Budgets: Preparation of budgets for tracking items and revisions.
  • Traceability documentary: Tracking all associated documents in the complete cycle of a sale (budget, orders, shipments, invoices, billing, accounting ,..).
  • Rates Sales: Creation and innovation Wizard Maintaining pricing, special offers and promotions periods. Policies per customer.
  • Controlling the sales force: Sales tracking by vendor Mortatge definicióny commissions.
  • Turnover: Automation of sales turnover of delivery notes, invoicing of installments.
  • Electronic bill: Manufacture of electronic invoices by generating XML file Facturae version 3.2 officially approved.
  • PDA of AutoVenta: Autoventa Solution for Mobile. All functions of a commercial from a PDA (routes, sales and promotions, outstanding bills, check stock, billing indirect or wirelessly print documents, etc. ..).
  • Internet Sales Management: The business is open 24 hours, 365 days.
  • Purchasing and Warehouse
  • Procurement: Introduction manual purchase orders or automatic generation depending on stock levels and delivery time.
  • Reception: Validation of goods received against orders, labeling and placement in the store.
  • Expedition: Preparation and validation of delivery notes. Printing shipping labels.
  • Inventory: Planning, implementation and inventory analysis, partial or areas.
  • Inventory status information: Inventory counting, processing or regularized. Total inventory items and without stock, a percentage that represents the differences between units counted and calculated. Automatic Adjustment of all pending.
  • Planning of future inventories: Selecting store, with dates and items to count.
  • Closing inventory: Prevents modification of documents prior to the closing date affect the current stock.
  • Inventory adjustments: Automatically generates transfers to wastage of units indicated.
  • PocketManager: Mobile solutions for warehouse management. All functions are possible with the wireless handset that works in real time.


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