Kounta POS Bundle - Epson TM-T82I TMI Intelligent + Socket S700 Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner + S.Pole X Frame IPAD Air + Standard Cash Drawer

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This Bundle Includes :
  • Epson TM-T82I TMI Intelligent Printer PSU BLK
  • S700 Bluetooth Scanner
  • S.Pole X Frame IPAD Air
  • Standard Cash Drawer 5N 8C 24V BLK
TM-T82II-i - Epson's TM-T82II-i combines the cost-effective TM-T82II receipt printer with a retail-hardened PC and built-in web server to enable mobile POS deployments, tablet-based POS systems, cloud-based services and control of peripherals. And it provides the application power and flexibility to run a broad range of POS configurations.

S700 - The SocketScan S700 1D barcode scanner with Bluetooth wireless technology scans on paper or screen. It has a light-weight, ergonomic structure, and a long-lasting battery to withstand entire work days. The five color options fit most styles and environment needs. The LEDs for battery, Bluetooth and scanning notifications make the scanner more intuitive to use. Compatible with all applications in previous Socket Mobile barcode scanners, without software changes.

This scanner is dressed to impress both consumers and end users in retail and office settings. Ideal for retail POS, field service, inventory management, asset tracking and more. Use our Companion App for easy set up and configuration.

S.Pole X Frame mount - The S.Pole X Frame mount is specially designed for easy and seamless installation of your tablet in retail, public or commercial environment. With its advanced security features, the X frame IPAD Air mount allows you to present the tablet in any open public environment confidently. You can provide your clients complete access to the IPAD features without needing to worry about its security. The iPAD stand has a lightweight design and is easy to handle. The best part is that the stand retains the aesthetics and feel of using a tablet while offering a secure mount with a range of features to assist customers in the most complicated of mounting environments.

Standard Cash Drawer
  • Solid Steel Construction - 5 Note Holders, 8 Coin Slots
  • 2 Cheque Slots - Steel Runners & Derlon Rollers - 24V Solenoid
  • 1.6M Cable
  • RJ12 plug (Standard Receipt Printer Connector)
  • Black Colour
  • 410mm (width) x 415mm (depth) x 110mm (height)

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