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The ET1 Enterprise Tablet doesn’t compromise what you rely on most, like security, durability and flexibility. It’s designed with one purpose in mind – to make your enterprise ready for whatever the future holds and whatever your customers demand. It’s an uncompromising approach to mobile computing, and it's the only tablet that’s flat-out enterprise.
Designed to meet your needs and built to last, the ET1 comes packed with features that will help you improve performance from the sales floor to the stockroom and beyond, access information faster, engage customers and work smarter than ever before. The ET1 will run all the applications required to help your workforce accomplish every task, every day.
Main Features :
  • Nonstop Business : Power ahead uninterrupted. With a swappable, rechargeable battery, 4-slot battery charger and memory backup battery, you can keep your tablets in the hands of your employees instead of in your back office.
  • Sleek yet Sturdy : Impress customers with the elegance and durability of the ET1, built to endure bumps, varying temperatures and all-day use in an enterprise environment.
  • Enterprise-Ready Applications : Gain access to a wide range of third-party enterprise applications designed for your business and mobile workers, including assisted shopping/product comparison, merchandising planograms, manager electronic dashboards, mobile POS and item location just to start.
  • Shared Tablet, Personalized Experience : With a multi-user login feature, the ET1 can be shared among many associates and personalized to suit their roles and responsibilities. In addition, managers can track approved applications, usage time and delegate tasks.
  • Rock-Solid Security : The ET1 keeps credit card and other confidential data secure, both on-board and on removable media.
  • Everything You Need to Accomplish More : Mobile POS for anywhere transactions, scanner modules to access price and product details, multi-docking cradles and battery-charging accessories, built-in ports to expand your capabilities and more.
  • Robust Application Development Framework : Our developer-friendly HTML5 web-based environment, RhoElements, makes it easier for your associates to use the same applications regardless of device or operating systems. And it makes it easier for your developers to roll out applications – write once and run across multiple Motorola devices, regardless of operating system.


Motorola ET1 Specification (MOT_ET1_SPECSHEET.pdf, 507 Kb) [Download]

Motorola ET1 App (MOT_ET1_APPBRIEF.pdf, 2,080 Kb) [Download]

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