Mobile Computers : Motorola MC9000 Series

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Designed for workers inside your four walls, the MC9000 series offers advanced data capture options and integrated wireless LAN/PAN to enable real-time data collection in scan-intensive environments — in the warehouse, on the loading dock, out in the yard, and in the back room or out on the sales floor of a retail operation. There are multiple form factors within the MC9000 family including
The MC9090-G rugged mobile computer from Motorola provides mobile workers throughout the supply chain with a flexible always-on data connection to critical business applications and systems as well as to co-workers and other business associates. Equipped with the latest advances in mobile technology, the MC9090-G provides support for the richest enterprise applications, empowering mobile workers to capture and access critical business information in real time.
The MC9090-G RFID Handhelds from Motorola. The device provides mobile workers throughout the supply chain with complete data capture functionality and real-time connectivity to critical business applications.Workers can read RFID tags, and capture 1D and 2D bar codes as well as images, ensuring seamless integration throughout the enterprise — even when multiple types of product identification and tracking systems are deployed. Handheld, on-the-spot RFID capabilities remove the dependency on fixed readers installed at typical choke points,enabling efficient exception handling, pricing audits and changes, stock picking and more.
The MC909X-S enables route salespeople,field repair personnel,and workers in the warehouse to access, as well as capture and send,crucial business information in real time.The latest advances in mobile technology,proven rugged construction,and support for multi- mode wireless connectivity ensure maximum accessibility to co-workers and business systems.Business processes are streamlined and errors are reduced, effectively increasing productivity — and profitability.
The MC9097 rugged mobile computer from Motorola provides your mobile workers with a flexible always-on voice and data connection to co-workers, clients, and associates, as well as critical business applications and systems — all on a single device. High performance processing combines with advanced mobility features and functionality to support the richest applications. Superior sound quality and the onboard iDEN radio deliver robust voice communications, complete with Nextel’s Nationwide Walkie-Talkie functionality for instant, cost-effective voice connectivity.
Main Features :
  • Converged voice and data
  • WWAN: Integrated quad band EDGE/GPRS/GSM or iDEN radio
  • Integrated 802.11a/b/g WLAN radios
  • WPAN: Bluetooth v1.2 radio
  • Exceptionally rugged construction
  • Intel XScale PXA270 processor: 624 MHz
  • Enhanced memory architecture
  • 1D and 2D bar code scanning; image capture; intuitive laser aiming
  • Forward scanning, pistol grip ergonomics (Gun terminal only)
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 or Windows Mobile 6.1 or Windows CE 5.0


Motorola MC9090-G (MOT_MC9090_G_BROCHURE.pdf, 1,147 Kb) [Download]

Motorola MC9090-G Rfid (MOT_MC9090_G_RFID_BROCHURE.pdf, 425 Kb) [Download]

Motorola MC9097 (MOT_MC9097_BROCHURE.pdf, 692 Kb) [Download]

Motorola MC909X-S (MOT_MC909X_S_BROCHURE.pdf, 1,035 Kb) [Download]

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