Mobile Computers : Motorola VC5090 Combines Rugged

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The VC5090 combines rugged construction and high performance wireless networking to enable real-time data access and collection in the harshest environments — from the loading dock and freezer to the warehouse floor.
The VC5090 delivers even greater value as part of Motorola’s leading rugged mobile computer line. The shared hardware and software architecture enable the VC5090 to integrate seamlessly into your existing Motorola infrastructure. Applications developed for other Motorola rugged mobile computers can be easily ported to the VC5090, dramatically reducing software development and training requirements, and increasing the return on investment for existing applications.
Whether your workers are on a forklift, at a fixed station or moving through the warehouse aisles, the VC5090 provides the tools needed to increase productivity and reduce errors in shipping and receiving, as well as put-away and picking applications. The results are improved decision making, streamlining of warehouse operations — and a positive impact on your bottom line.
Main Features :
  • Common Symbol architecture
  • Integrated 802.11a/b/g WLAN
  • Rugged construction
  • Eligible for Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage
  • Standard heater on all models at no extra cost
  • MSP compatible
  • Internal antennas and support for external antenna
  • WPAN: Bluetooth v1.2


Motorola VC5090 Speci (MOT_VC5090_BROCHURE.pdf, 176 Kb) [Download]

Motorola VC5090 guide (MOT_VC5090_QUICK_REFERENCE_GUIDE.pdf, 3,840 Kb) [Download]

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