Mounting Solutions : Atdec SpacePole POS Mounting Solution

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SpacePole is a unique range of POS technology mounting solutions that alleviates many of the traditional problems associated with configuring diverse POS and Payment equipment in checkout and counter environments. SpacePole solutions can be integrated with most technologies in all manner of retail environments. SpacePole is designed to facilitate sales process productivity and efficient order processing. It allows for the integration of POS, POP and Payment equipment. SpacePole mounts can be used stand alone or in combination with a modular design that enables a high degree of configuration
Improved Space Efficiency
  • POS equipment is raised off the work area
  • All transaction and display equipment is organised in one place
  • Valuable counter space is released for display, sales and order processing
Improved Ergonomics & Aesthetics
  • Configurable and customisable for precise positioning with superior styling
  • Adjustable for operational flexibility and individual user requirements
  • Cashier strain is reduced while productivity and accuracy is improved
  • Customer comfort, convenience and satisfaction are all maximised
Improved Safety & Security
  • All equipment is secured in one place with hidden attachment points
  • Cables can be neatly clipped to the exterior or securely run inside the poles
  • Payment technology can be mounted separately or integrated onto a single EPOS solution
  • Payment technology is held securely with a facility for operator detachment or fixed attachment

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