Mounting Solutions : Telehook Cable Manager Shelves

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A simple and elegant addition to the Telehook Cable Manager Channel, the TH-CM-SH-2 Cable Manager Shelves come in a pack of 2. Strong but light aluminum construction holds up to 44lbs (20kg) per shelf. Thanks to clever design up to four shelves can be added easily to the Telehook Cable Manager Channel even after all equipment has been installed. The TH-CM-SH-2 Cable Manager Shelves are only compatible with the Telehook TH-AN-CM Cable Manager Channel.
  • Set of two Shelves. Can hold up to 12kg per shelf
  • with 10 years manufacturer Warranty.
Multimedia Code : 13TH-CM-SH-2
Manufacturer Code : TH-CM-SH-2


Telehook Cable Manager Shelves (TH-CM-SH-2.pdf, 2,800 Kb) [Download]

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