Mounting Solutions : Telehook Cable Manager

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The TH-AN-CM Cable Manager channel is the perfect accessory to any display.  Almost flush to the wall, the channel cleverly conceals all cables and wires associated with audio visual equipment. Independent cable bays are integrated into the design, allowing power and data cables to be separated to reduce the chance of electro-magnetic interference.
  • Provides a simple and elegant solution for concealing unsightly cables
  • Super slim design to reduce visual clutter with powder coated finish
  • Sturdy extruded aluminium construction
  • Separates the display's power
  • cable from the data cables Can be painted to change the colour and cut to length
  • with 10 years manufacturer Warranty.
Multimedia Code : 13TH-AN-CM
Manufacturer Code : TH-AN-CM


Telehook Cable Manager (TH-AN-CM.pdf, 3,374 Kb) [Download]

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