Mounting Solutions : Telehook Low Profile Slim Wall Mount

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If you want your TV screen completely flush to the wall, with seamless precision, then this state of the art design is for you. Any display weighing up to 65kg (143lbs) is held just 14mm (0.55”) from the wall, attached with easy click-on mounting combined with a safety spring lock. Despite being a flush wall mount, you still have the ability to easily control screen position, with multiple height and horizontal adjustment for optimal viewing enjoyment.
  • Designed for simple installation
  • Ultra slim profile of only 14mm,
  • ideal for LED & slim LCD TVs
  • Offers vertical and lateral
  • display adjustments
  • Simple & safe screen attachment system with safety locking mechanism
  • Inbuilt cable access stand
  • Supports displays up to 65kgs
  • Timber stud, masonry and dry wall mounting hardware included
  • With 10 Years Manufacturer Warranty
Multimedia Code : 13TH-3060-LPF
Manufacturer Code : TH-3060-LPF


13TH-3060-LPF (TH-3060-LPF.pdf, 1,985 Kb) [Download]

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