Mounting Solutions : Visidec Focus Accessory Swing Arm

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For dual screen applications, this elegant polished aluminum accessory arm easily upgrades the single VF-AT to support a second monitor. Creating a highly ergonomic workspace, this strong yet sleek design provides the user with superior control over screen position. With the 2 arms independently adjustable, the additional arm can be tilted by 70° up and down panned through 180°. This allows applications in either landscape or portrait, no matter the desired position of the other screen.

  • Suitable for 12" to 24" LCD's at a max
  • weight of 8kgs. MUST be used in
  • conjunction with a Visidec Focus or
  • Micro Pole
  • With 10 Years Manufacturer Warranty
Multimedia Code : 13VIS-FOCUS-AM
Manufacturer Code : VF-AT-AA


13VIS-FOCUS-AM (VF-AT-AA.pdf, 2,833 Kb) [Download]

13VIS-FOCUS-AM-2 (VF-AT-D.pdf, 2,438 Kb) [Download]

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