NLV-1001 Fixed Laser Scanner with RS232 Interface Cable

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The NLV1001 is designed to be an easily integrated fixed position scanner. This compact yet rugged scanner is ideal for applications that require a high performance, aggressive laser scanner with the ability to fit into small places. This reliable fixed position scanner employs an aggressive laser scan engine that reads at a rate of 100 scans per second. The integrated auto-trigger mode enables hands-free operation. The NLV1001 offers a wide variety of configurable options for easy integration in your business process. The NLV1001 is equipped with a compact ABS housing with 2 different mounting options. This stationary scanner is available with an RS232, USB (HID/VCP) and Keyboard Wedge interface, to fit any design and implementation requirement.
Main Features:
  • Automatic Scanning Operation
  • Fixed mounting scanner
  • RS232, PS2, USB or USB-HID interface
  • Up to 100 scan/sec
  • ABS Housing with 2 different mounting options
  • IP43 rating
  • Multiple indicator lights


Opticon OPNLV1001 (nlv1001.pdf, 827 Kb) [Download]

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