POSIFLEX HS2510-2D AiO Tch Term 4G 64G SSD MSR POSR7 64b

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HS2510 with build in 2D Scanner, no Printer
9.7" mini AIO fanfree PCAP touch terminal, Intel Bay Trail Qual Core up to 2.42G, 2M cache, 4GB DDR3L, 64GB SSD, Built in 2D Scanner, POSReady 7 64 Bit Preloaded, 3 TR MSR


  • Fan free POS Terminal
  • All-in-one design
  • 9.7" LCD PCAP Touch Screen
  • Intel J1900 Quad Core CPU up to 2.42 GHz 2M Cache and DDR3L memory
  • Small footprint
  • Either build in 80mm Printer or Presentation scanner
  • Optional build in RFID Reader, MSR, Contact Card Reader, Fingerprint module
  • Several Customer Display Options available
  • Comes with Bracket to lock down to bench for better stability


Brochure (hs2510w_2512w_brochure.pdf, 446 Kb) [Download]