TSC-TDP-245Plus Desktop Label Printer

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**DISCONTINUED - Switch to TSC-TDP-244**

Built with TSC durability and reliability TDP-245 Plus is an upgraded model of the most versatile user-friendly desktop printer TDP-245. With enhanced electronics TSC TDP-245 Plus offers standard memory of 2 MB FLASH 8 MB SDRAM and 5" per second print speed. Include USB Serial and Parallel interfaces.

The machine offers speed of up to 5" per second with a 203 dpi resolution. The standard memory configuration is a generous 8 MB DRAM, and 2 MB  addressable FLASH with the ability to add more memory using the available SD card slot.

The TDP-245 series features standard serial, parallel and USB interface, and offers an optional internal Ethernet interface for networked nstallations. It also supports TSPL-EZ printer language, which means that without any configuration necessary it emulates Eltron, Zebra or TSC printer commands.
Main Features :
  • Emulates EPL and ZPL printer commands, (Zebra).
  • 8mb DRAM, 2mb Flash memory
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • 5 Inches per second print speed
  • Serial, Parallel and USB interfaces
Popular options include: Stand alone keyboard, barcode scanner, cutter module, battery pack and external media hanger.Please specify which interface cable you would like included when ordering.

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